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mcfarrel 15th Dec 2009 03:22 AM

Old crap found

I have emerged from the shadows, or to be more... well from the depth of time, (to be honest I was fully in R&D on Czech Academy of Science since 2007 and to be honest partilay it was due to some problems of fanmade games with other community, which made me disgusted and flattened, because of people saying but not doing - typical pain in ass of some modmaking communities) only to discover the Night Blade project died.

But I do not want to cry here for it... Instead....
I have had found few pieces of old crap on my PC(s) and old backups. Things I had in mind to transfer form TUT to NB but in this situation, my question is:
Is the TUT community still living and do You want this crap to be finished (I will have aprox 14days of free during Christmass, so probably will be able to finish the unfinished crap)?

What I have found was:

Th-Eulenburg (076-02) updated version with some fixes (and hopefully no other problems made during fixing) - this should be already finished and ready to play

Th-DarkCathedral (049-03) this is some kind of old cryptic underground (I mean subtrerrainian) Cathedral of dark gods. with vent shafts and so. Geometry and lighting are nearly complete (just need few fixing here and there), loot spawning have to be finally added. There are unfinished animations of custom NPC models (dark priestess model and anim), but this might be just quickly fixxed by removing these custom NPC (or adding missig anims)

Th-Villa (020-06) is mansion in a large garden with few additional buildings (like house for servants), this map is under construction yet.

ThieveryMcFmappack (OK OK I know this is to much calling mappack something, which is actually a 7zip file containing just two, at this moment, maps but...) has been uploaded to Filefront

Last stable version:
FileFront -> ThieveryMcFmappack_v2.1

Previous versions:
FileFront -> ThieveryMcFmappack_v1.1
FileFront -> ThieveryMcFmappack_v1.0

Also available on Thievery-Customs ->

TeeJay 24th Dec 2009 03:18 PM

I personally would be interested in anything you accomplish. It sounds like you could finish the Eulenberg map without occupying your whole holiday, which might be a good thing.

Thebos 25th Dec 2009 07:01 PM

I would be interested in seeing it- still a few players out there.

Edy94 28th Dec 2009 05:06 AM

Would be nice to see the Villa map continued.

FatRatHead 29th Dec 2009 06:05 AM

I definitely vote for finishing it. Any little piece is a blessing for the retired Thievery community.

If you need any help, just give us a shout, either here or over at the shoutbox:

Your map(s) are admired among the players, so I expect people to like the finished rest as well.

mcfarrel 4th Jan 2010 06:53 AM

Status report:

Th-Eulenburg 077-02 - few additional fixes, it seems it is OK.

Th-DarkCathedral 060-03 - finisihing-pollishing and tweaking additional decorations

Th-Villa (could not remember version number yet, aprox 030-04) - still under development, wrill need additional time (after finnishing Th-Eulenburg and Th-DarkCathedral), this one will probably contain additional custom models

Release of mappack (now Th-Eulenburg and Th-DarkCathedral) with additional packages (textures, models, sounds etc) during this week (DarkCathedral in beta state, so if anyone finds any missing and forgotten bug please let me know)

BTW the DarkCathedral contains custom models (these have to be used in NightBlade so have "little bit" more polys than usual Thievery Guards...)

I have to post some screenies tomorow (sorry left one of mine pendrives (including these pics) at home...)...

I have to write documentation file on few custom scripts in my Thievery packages...

mcfarrel 5th Jan 2010 03:36 AM

5 Attachment(s)
I have promissed some screenies for today so here they are (please excuse my bad thaux.ini settings in screenshot section):

First there are screenshots form the Th-DarkCathedral, showing few parts of the Cathedral and the custom models (these models differs, if You are able to recognize it form those screenshots form old models shown here > post #155 and #156)

mcfarrel 5th Jan 2010 03:37 AM

5 Attachment(s)
aditional screenshots of Th-DarkCathedral

mcfarrel 5th Jan 2010 03:39 AM

2 Attachment(s)
last bunch of screenshots of the Th-DarkCathedral

mcfarrel 5th Jan 2010 03:40 AM

5 Attachment(s)
Few screenshots form Th-Eulenburg outskirt and sever entrance

mcfarrel 5th Jan 2010 03:41 AM

1 Attachment(s)
last pieces (the g(r)ate in the severs)

mcfarrel 5th Jan 2010 03:48 AM

And status

Th-Eulenburg fixxed last known error (well to be honest between keyboard and chair), objective Doc corpse has not been spawned and instead objective Skaarj corpse has been spawned.
I will chcek for further mistakes of mine this evening (just for sure)

Th-DarkCathedral two errors (possibly between keyboard and chairs) known - 1) custom weapons of Priestesses are not shown (the meshes are corectly imported and linked in default properties, but Priestesses walk with empty hands) - 2) there is an idiotic ThObjective link somewhere causing reseting all ThObjectives (both Guards and Thieves) to none when any of the priestesses has been knocked out/killed
Few improvements ahead (importing additional deco textures/models) and adding few pieces of architecture/furniture to the oracle part (shown on the first pics of Cathedral), this work takes two or three evenings.

mcfarrel 8th Jan 2010 03:48 AM

Status report:

Th-Eulenburg is fixxed (just done few tweeks for BSP and optimization)

Th-DarkCathedral is ready to be released (just cleaning some garbage and so)

I have finaly (after two hours of frustration) found where the hell is problem with those weapons not rendered. I was using script from previous version of custom models (old TPriestess) and I have forgoten, I am using not only new mesh but also a new biped (with new biped naming base) so the hardcoded #exec weapon attach bone was set to "Bip01 Hand R" of the old biped but should have be set to "GenFem_Bip Hand R" instead (or culled down entirely, because there are no anomalities in weapon attachement to the biped).

I will check fur further problems during weekend and add some documentation on few custom scripts included in ThieveryMcFpack.


Further work

Th-Villa finish the map and place loot and so into the map, create few custom models for custom NPCs... (approx 60-70% of mapping is finished, need some furniture in the house and some deco in gardens, no loot distribution yet)

additional maps on my mind and in this case I need Your feedback What do You want to be finished first, I have following Ideas.

Th-DarkCorners - using environment from Th-Eulenburg outskirts with additional BSP modeling to create map simmilar to Th-Flats (piece of the city with some interior places and loot) - aprox 30% of BSP geometry from Th-Eulengurg

Th-Convent/Th-Church (the name is temporary yet) - rich convent heavily guarded by cittyguards, using previously made custom NPCs DarkPriestesses with altered skins now as "civilians" - idea (aprox 20% pre modeling was done - onhold pieces of geometry for Dark Cathedral)

Th-Ministry - large interrior map with valuable pieces of interrest, full of not only guards but also watchers and custom NPC - ClockworkGuard (v.0.1 based on the TSoldier and Soldier machine skins of UT, but probably will have its own mesh in future - something like TinMan perhaps...) - aprox 20% modeling done - old onhold pieces of geometry from Eulenburg, newer used)

Th-Opera - large interrior map based on The Phantom of opera... up today it is just an idea


If needed I have few additional t3d brushes/prefabs used during development, so if any mapper (are there any these days?) will need I am able to push it somewhere on the net


BTW is still running and functional. From what I see in FireFox it seems it is working but...

Bandit 8th Jan 2010 05:26 AM

PM Brody

mcfarrel 8th Jan 2010 09:25 AM

Thx. Bandit. Will do.

mcfarrel 11th Jan 2010 08:05 AM

Sorry for delay (I have to go to my dentist) but right now I have uploaded my work to Thievery Custom (need few hours for (Th)Brody's vaidation to occure)

Thievery McFarrel mappack 1.0
In the All in one current release section

Edy94 13th Jan 2010 05:58 AM


Originally Posted by mcfarrel (Post 238581)
(need few hours for (Th)Brody's vaidation to occure)

or days :(

mcfarrel 13th Jan 2010 09:38 AM


Originally Posted by Edy94 (Post 238631)
or days :(

Sorry for delay. There was a problem (partially on my side of the wire, to be honest), I have to reupload mappack to ftp instead of directly uploading it to the thieverycustoms (it isaprox 16megs in 7zip -> aprox 64megs uncompressed).

Please be patient. Anyway whe the content will be visible for You please give me feedback. Any info on further improvements or bugs I forgot behind would be appreciated.
The mapping results (custom maps) have to be made for players...

mcfarrel 19th Jan 2010 03:14 AM

ThieveryMcFmappack (OK OK I know this is to much calling mappack something, which is actually a 7zip file containing just two, at this smoment, maps but...) has been uploaded to Filefront -> ThieveryMcFmappack_v1.0

Hopefully there are no bugs (but I know I am just man and thus I am making mistakes. Please give me feedback)

Bandit 19th Jan 2010 05:45 AM

If you are not sure that it is final version then you should name maps like TH-Eulenburg_beta1.unr or something like that. That's advice for the future. ;)

I have uploaded your maps on Tomcats Thieves vs. Guards Server #1.

Edy94 19th Jan 2010 06:32 AM

Mirror for ThieveryMcFmappack 1.0 (rightclick > save as) if not working correctly

mcfarrel 19th Jan 2010 08:05 AM


Originally Posted by Edy94 (Post 238754)
Mirror for ThieveryMcFmappack 1.0 (rightclick > save as) if not working correctly

Bandit I know what You mean, I am still using (internally of course) version numbers but from my point of view it is better for players to have just one map (last one - up to date) and not bunch of maps Th-Eulenbur001-01 to Th-EulenburgXXX-XX. It is necesarry for me to know problems have been fixed in which version and problems newly found/generated during devel poroces (by me and my stupidity of course), but on the other hand there is no need for players to dig into the version numbers. They need to play.

To have various versions is usefull when debugging but not when playing. In this way You can just copy new maps (in case of new release/bugfixxing or so) over the old ones. No need to track down my faults for everybody (if You want, or You think it is Your duty, to track what I have left behind, I will apppriciate that and I will give you version numbered maps of course).

{EDIT1} OK I will post version numbers and maybe even change list in few days... {/EDIT1}

NeuroFunkeR 19th Jan 2010 11:22 AM

looks good, but in Th-DarkCathedral big hall, i have damn low FPS, there needed some deep optimization. Everything else, runs smooth so far.

mcfarrel 20th Jan 2010 03:08 AM


Originally Posted by NeuroFunkeR (Post 238762)
looks good, but in Th-DarkCathedral big hall, i have damn low FPS, there needed some deep optimization. Everything else, runs smooth so far.

OK, I will check where is the problem (becasue I changed few pieces of geometry there and done some optimisation, but it seems it does not work... much) I try to use some portals here and there to make additional BSP partitioning in this part of map. Thanks for feedback.

[EDIT1] I manage to do quick fix (rebuliding a bit of geometry, now You could not se all four statues at once. and added zone portals, so the center of the cathedral is now separate zone), which reduces laggggginess little bit. I have to check dynamicla lights out there to make it running more smoothly...
I will check this during weekend. [/EDIT1]

[EDIT2] I have done some BSP optimization (not only the Cathedral central - Oracle - part), so I have lowered the node count aprox by 8000. I have also discovered the fps decrease is rendering library dependant, when using OpenGL (based on Chris Donhal) from Oldunreal it works very well (45-60 fps in the problematic part), when using UT native D3D fps rate is running a bit unstable (25-35 in this part but is running up to 400! in dark places). I am using Oldunreal OpenGL by default so I did not discovered the fps decrease problem. I will check further for next clues and I will test additional rendering libraries (I could demand usage of specific rendering library but it seems to me this is not the solution...) [/EDIT2]

mcfarrel 1st Feb 2010 02:43 AM

Finalizing Th-DarkCathedral debug updated version of mappack will be uploaded during few days...

The lagging on UT old d3d renderer has been upgraded a little bit but still remain less reliable and playable. But this seem to be an internal problem of rendering library.

NeuroFunkeR 1st Feb 2010 08:01 AM

what about d3d8/9 renderers? For me both open gl and d3d's having same performance.

mcfarrel 1st Feb 2010 09:27 AM


Originally Posted by NeuroFunkeR (Post 239096)
what about d3d8/9 renderers? For me both open gl and d3d's having same performance.

checking further. So far it seems the problematic is only old d3d from UT v436 (but I will check today evening to be sure), OpenGl of Oldunreal and Rendering libraries from S3TC retexturing project seems OK.

mcfarrel 4th Feb 2010 02:49 AM

Seems fixxed and working for OpenGL (tested on Oldunreal Multimedia patch OPenGL and Uneal S3TC retexturing project OpenGL) and D3D "enhanced" libraries (tested on Uneal S3TC retexturing project D3D8 and D3D9).

Uploading to filefront and Thievery-Customs.

Filefront -> ThieveryMcFmappack_v1.1

Thievery-Customs -> N/A yet (validation in progress...)

NeuroFunkeR 4th Feb 2010 02:59 AM

nice! Gona test this now

Keggie 19th Feb 2010 07:54 PM

well.. as no one else posted bugs or bothered to post there opinions... soz mcfarrel but i found a couple more bugs if you wish to fix them..

Dark Cathedral has some very nice custom models in and i do like the custom statues too! its a bit of a maze imo and its a bit of the large scale, i tried making a fulling indoor map and had the same problems tho. running around the map parts of it feel more like UT then TUT tho at times.. i actually played the map, then looked at it in unrealed and realised there was quite a bit i didn't even find lol, maps huge!

1. Women ai - no melee, they attack fine but don't do damage
2. Reduce Size of Objectives in inventory! when you pick them up, scroll through inventory, there HUGE! make em bit smaller :P im sure there's a setting for it
3. No Escape Zone? - Game ends when you grab the 800 loot
4. Can shoot through windows.. no big problem tbh, just thought id mention it

Eulenburg - i do like this map, said it before in another thread i think, again its on the large scale tho but its easy to get from one area to the other so its fine ;) like the surrounding city too

1. Dead spot in Lounge - as you go in from entrance door, far left corner.
2. Objectives - would just comment saying might be better if you added more info saying that you can either steal the book or kidnap doc.

will keep it at that for now cus im tired :P liking the look of villa tho, look forward to playing that, models look awesome ;) stick link to downloads in your sig so there easy to find btw ;)

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