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Spidey 16th Sep 2016 09:45 PM

map loot 1774-1809, found 1759
Personal Vaults Skeleton key
Warehouse B vault key
Warehouse key
Guard can loot herb and 2 vases on 'B' Mess table
small warehouse (30)
Private Vaults, 2nd floor (432) (can't be picked)
Private vault 3
Private big chest
Private Crates
Dart Board Room
Office, 1st floor (195)
A Warehouse (442)
A secret area underground
B Warehouse including vault (660-757)
mess table herb bag (10)
mess table 112-
white goblet in north (300) with pushable barrels
B Vault (can't be picked) 245
B Warehouse has a pickable sign on the south side with a no KO button?

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