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Bulska 14th Aug 2007 07:42 AM

Big Elevator(k) + Deactiving AlienSpawn(?)
I'm making a big elevator, taking the marines to lower grounds.
It has 3 stops, top, middle and bottum. The marines start on the top floors and a hacker has to hack the panel to make it useable.

Works all fine, but I came to the problem, that I cannot activate the panel after I used it once. Although that option is checked off.

The AoElevatorButtonPanel is exactly the same as a door panel you can trigger and trigger again as many times as you like. But for my Elevator panel this doesnt work. What can I do? Use a DoorButtonPanel instead?

Bulska 14th Aug 2007 01:14 PM

Heh... sorry... I didnt look around other maps... It works now.

I got another question...
How to deactivate a AlienSpawner with a trigger?

Donator 14th Aug 2007 01:24 PM

You need to use a thingy that is called an "AoDisableSpawnerTrigger" and match tag and event accordingly.

Butters 15th Aug 2007 02:21 AM


Originally Posted by Bulska (Post 212881)
It works now.

Try it online :joking:

Bulska 15th Aug 2007 08:11 AM

doesnt work online? XD

Moses2k 15th Aug 2007 06:16 PM

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Enjoy the carnival.

Bulska 15th Aug 2007 07:12 PM


Spammy :P :site::site::site: :site: :erg: :sweat:

Err... yeah

But now I got another question, can I make a matinee movie in between the fight? If yeah, then how?

I know normally you make a trigger somewhere which activates the Scene Manager... Tried that but that doesnt work. I really want a little intro-movie for my mission, seeing the BloodHound land on a Urban Rooftop.

Butters 16th Aug 2007 02:36 AM

I suspect you'd have to mess heavily with the GameInfo to achieve that, only to find out it doesn't work online. Take a look at how the Sigma intro is done in the AS sources..

So.. where are some pictures of this map you're working on!?

lightfoot 16th Aug 2007 04:00 AM

If you really want an intro scene, you can make one that gets played everytime you start the game, replacing BCG's AlienSwarmStartup.ut2.

Look into the 'How to create an AlienSwarm Menu map' thread.

Bulska 16th Aug 2007 04:42 AM

Here's some

I cant remember a intro movie, only the intro of the Campaign and I know how to make that.
But I want a intro about 1 single mission.

Going to check up that thread then...

Fuzzy Bunny 16th Aug 2007 11:48 PM

You could do something similar to what was done in Meltdown with the dropship pulling away at the start of the map. You would, of course, not make it keep coming back and flying away like in Meltdown...

Something similar would be the end of Exodus with the dropship pulling into the airlock(?) at the end of the map to pickup the marines.

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