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industrialism 13th Apr 2005 12:00 AM

*Collects bet winnings*

Machine 13th Apr 2005 03:07 AM

*Pulls Industrialisms head out of .:M.'s anal passage*

*Polishes nose*

industrialism 13th Apr 2005 09:02 AM


Originally Posted by TheMachine
*Pulls Industrialisms head out of .:M.'s anal passage*

*Polishes nose*

Bitch, Please… :rolleyes:

*Pulls Machine’s head out of his own anal passage*
Guess you get lonely aye?

Machine 13th Apr 2005 09:39 AM

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As a tribute to your silly, unorginal retort, I have supplied an irellivent picture. I wish you luck with your current goal of joi...

*line cuts off*

industrialism 13th Apr 2005 12:16 PM


Originally Posted by TheMachine

As a tribute to your silly, unorginal retort, I have supplied an irellivent picture. I wish you luck with your current goal of joi...

*line cuts off*

Goals? Got Indus’s quotes? (Then your incorrect)…no & there aren’t any. :scrub:

A few sentences read, and you come to a predicament or a self understanding that what were both in different understating of, is going take place… when it’s not, and most likely never will…it was interrupted as a joke, the initial events you may possibly be referring to, and obviously you must see this as a bigger :distorts: to acknowledge it and bring it up. ;)

So carry on hoping your predictions are right, because then you may be able to add TuF glyph reading (log file reading) prophet to the list in the signature bind. ;)

I’m somewhat upset I missed Sunday; it would have been fun watching pride disappear and the price of reality shine through. :D

Now if you don’t mind, Me, early 90s nu metal, and Thievery have to all meet up and get back into shape, amazing what 9 days away from a computer and music will reduce your abilitation and everyday familiarity too. :(

Maybe I should alias and act like a smacktard when I play tut from now on :rolleyes: …I’ll leave it at that Daniel, same goes for your affiliates.

Archie 13th Apr 2005 02:09 PM

(Industrialism wrote :I’m somewhat upset I missed Sunday; it would have been fun watching pride disappear and the price of reality shine through.)

Wow you actually predicted you would loose ? :thumb:
Good thing you start to realise things Ricky boy :rolleyes:
*Slap Slap

industrialism 13th Apr 2005 05:50 PM


Originally Posted by Archie
(Industrialism wrote :I’m somewhat upset I missed Sunday; it would have been fun watching pride disappear and the price of reality shine through.)

Wow you actually predicted you would loose ? :thumb:
Good thing you start to realise things Ricky boy :rolleyes:
*Slap Slap

I didn’t mention about either side emerging victorious, smart ass...and I said at the start of this tournament I wasn’t here to win it, or play serious but that doesn’t mean, I wont consider playing harder against smarmy, arrogant noobs such as you and yours, if you really wish to start problems between me and you, then I’m well (predicted) ahead of you….follow suit you tool, strength in numbers :scrub: *watches the weak cling together on the door steps of the TuF chapel*

How’s the Inviz koing going by the way :scrub: , aliasing doesn’t hide the weak Archi…even Phae knows that :P , & even after being away a while I still use my name because I don’t have this ego or reputation bullshit you and yours bring to the game, I play for fun not to hide like a child, gang up and bounce random childish comments around a server chat window…I would expect better from you, but after seeing the other recently recruited members turn, it doesn’t come as a fucking surprise you would be stupid enough to miss asking the instigator why & just join in regardless, I doubt you have much upstairs anyway my boy.:rolleyes:

I suggest you leave it *before you hurt yourself* and let another member take a pop shot, there’s like seven maybe eight of them.

modetwo 13th Apr 2005 06:48 PM

* ends flame-feast before it breaks loose *

Machine 14th Apr 2005 03:02 AM

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Originally Posted by industrialism
*watches the weak cling together on the door steps of the TuF chapel*

The weak? Please... Looking across from my steps seeing you.... no contest mate - Oh - and not to piss on your bonfire, but it was actually you who brought the rest of TuF in here with your ignorant comments about us... also... it may not be a familiar concept to you and your 'guild', but we are actually friends and as such an attack on any one of us is an attack on the rest, so back the fuck up with that shit.

I would put it to you that our "glyph" nonsense and keeper secrets, as the Mockers skinning of cats and bashing marks do - enrich the commuinity and give each guild character. We bring a lot to this game... i'm sure that many would agree maybe not quite as much as the legendary Industriasm who has been in all of 2 matches in TUT and proclaims confidently that his presence at an event would have turned the tides of battle... I do apologise, I hope one day you can trouble yourself to teach me your ways. I included a picture to show my love for you.

Videos are good guys, its a shame theres no reliable demo mode in TUT.. now that would rock.

industrialism 15th Apr 2005 06:35 AM

The videos were fantastic, very entertaining & the ts recordings really added to it.
As for you Mr machine, you know exactly what I’m getting at, I’m not the only forum member who plays the game online and is on the receiving end of problems that constantly come from your corner or affiliates, this feud has been going on close to a year now and all I do is retort and all you and yours do is persist with causing problems and making unprovoked comments and then there’s the other things we could list… but we would be here all day, it gets rather repetitive don’t you think, I doubt a treaty would keep the balance either…as for proclaiming, again your interpretations are wrong…I would have just liked to of been there for the match, putting words into mouths or just trying to establish what I meant always comes out wrong…so don’t waste your time, unless your looking for ground to continue problems where you feel an interpretation is a good reason to continue with the shit.

Anything else you wish to discuss, I believe a pm would put it to rest, the feud on the other hand…

Machine 15th Apr 2005 07:14 AM

The dawn of a new relationship between star crossed lovers...
Hahaha! I love you too Indus :) It is good we can become friends now!

(-Please carify I have interpreted your desire/plea for friendship correctly-)

industrialism 15th Apr 2005 08:55 AM

"Friendship", roflmfao - I think not :joking: .
I’m on about ending the crap during public games, its rather distracting when your trying to concentrate or just have fun…hell, I don’t even want to commute with you or your affiliates, I just want to play thievery and not have to stop and reply with something that’s like petrol spilling in hell - causing all kinds of never ending verbal retorts.

Have you tried arguing with 3 maybe 4 people with combined twisted names of the same group, while being kick voted by 3 to 6 people (mid game), and trying to out run t13x on five blood, with no equip ? Not much fun, and not that I complain, but it gets rather annoying when it’s been going on for a few months, and of course let’s not forget the admin flexes… :rolleyes:

Still if the shit stops then...threads hijacked like this, won’t happen anymore. Nor will hatred (my favourite feeling) run riot on servers :( ...

lmfao *Signs name on treaty* jk

Machine 15th Apr 2005 09:05 AM

1 Attachment(s)
But... but... I thought we could patch our tattered friendship? I am sad to hear you do not want to try, I thought our verbal batterings of you on the Public servers were out of nothing but concern and affection for our preshus wittle Indus. :'(

I am holding my soft metal hand out to you... maybe one day you will forgive me... until then I might not sleep...It disturbs me that your favourate emotion is hatred, maybe this stumbling block is the key to our differences, whilst we embrace love and tolerance, you are constantly hating everything around you, even soft fluffy bunnies. Perhaps it would be an idea to seek professional advice on your affliction? Please do not take offence, I wish only to help :D

I have supplied you with a picture of one of my many mechanical gauges located on my rear end.

industrialism 15th Apr 2005 09:28 AM

Ok, rather than joke around...

I have no interest in you or your groups, all I want, is that I don’t have to verbally retort and/or argue while playing thievery over shit I didn’t start.

Machine 15th Apr 2005 10:14 AM

You don't have to do anything. Don't you have any self control? (See comment referring you to a medical specialist)

Radamanthus 15th Apr 2005 12:14 PM


Originally Posted by industrialism
all I do is retort [...] all you and yours [...] making unprovoked comments

Something doesn't add up. Retorting and then unprovoked?

The point is that you're involving other people in the feud that, you say, you wish would stop. You gain enemies and contentions with every thread hijacked, especially serious ones like TurfWars match discussions. I'm calmly asking you to not bring anything of this sort to unrelated threads.

BTW, I've yet to see Machine or friends put down others on public servers, other than friendly jokes.

Sneaky 15th Apr 2005 12:49 PM

rofl they get their own thread now

industrialism 15th Apr 2005 12:55 PM

I know Sneaky totally elite, I'm going to go eat now. Just thought I would tell the whole bcg community...then when I come back I'm going to post and stuff, and set rad straight :)

Radamanthus 15th Apr 2005 12:58 PM

yes, i know you have your own thread. I'd be happy if you could please keep it that way.

LaughingRat 15th Apr 2005 01:51 PM

Wow. This crap not only doesn't get a warning, but actually gets split off so it can be preserved?

Can I have some of whatever the mods/admins are smoking/snorting/injecting?

Machine 15th Apr 2005 01:58 PM

Sweet isn't it LR! Things have matured nicely round here.

Nah this thread doesn't contain flames, just the frustrated cries of a teenageer who we could all do well to help. :) I am attempting to mend the friendship but for some bizzare reason... he doesn't want to! It hurts I know... I feel so alone... so horribly alone...

TY for your support Rad, (hands him $50) :D

BrokenArts 15th Apr 2005 02:30 PM

Sorry, this thread is closed, this is ludricrous to let this continue, take it elsewhere.

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