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Shug 27th Mar 2005 09:01 AM

Mocker v Mutant Move II Match Summary
I think all specs would agree it was the biggest confrontation of TW III thus far.

Mockers Thieve.
Mockers: Gladius, Rodent, Shug
Mutants: PhaeThorn, Aggamemnon, Machine

First Round
Shug attempted to kill some AI in the yard, but only succeeded in getting about 4 as the Mutants rounded them up quickly and headed to the apartments.
Meanwhile Rodent and Gladius rushed, cracking Machine as he broke into the apartments through the lower vents. Unfortunately due to the no kill rule he couldn't be touched, and he recovered in time to kill Gladius. Rodent used the opportunity to escape with the Grail and some loot. The 800 loot objective was then ticked over a while after, and Shug jumped around like a madman in the front yard while Gladius and Rodent exited. Mockers win.

Second Round
The Mockers ran the same strat, with Gladius and Rodent rushing. They broke into the apartments only to have Machine come in behind them to kill Gladius. Rodent then KO'd him before locking the door and grabbing the Grail. He fled the aparments only to be killed with the grail on top of the large arch in the inner courtyard early in the game. The Mutants trapped and camped it fiercely, and Shug died attempting to steal it the first time after being bodyblocked along the narrow strip. He went back again with Rodent, and Rodent was slain before Shug was cut down in the middle of the courtyard with the Grail. He snatched it again only to be slashed up by frenzied Mutants. Rodent and Gladius were the last thieves left alive, with Gladius holding the bulk of the loot. Rodent missed his first snatch and was slashed, but returned to frob it (and miss his mantle to escape out of the inner courtyard). Both thieves regrouped and took stock of their equip - two flash were left, and Gladius had only 5 drops. They attacked the right exit - only to have Rodent para'd by Captain Crunx. He flashed the good captain and human guard once each but was tragically cut down mere steps from freedom with the Grail and the winning loot. Gladius, already home in the exit, was forced to double back and snatch the Grail and loot while being slashed by two guards with a third on the way. A chorus of disbelief greeted his swift exit with the goods to claim the second round for Mockers.

Mockers take Spider.

Mutants Thieve.

First Round Aquatone
Mockers: Lunatic, Rodent, Shug
Mutants: PhaeThorn, Aggamemnon, Machine

The Mutants aggressively DM AI and humans alike, while the Mockers attempt to guard key defensive points. Agga was slain shortly before a massive firefight in the lift corridor which saw Rodent knocked out of the game with Lunatic and Shug remaining against Phae and Mach with no remaning lives for either team. A vicious close range battle saw Lunatic take an arrow (that appeared to be directed at Shug), leaving Shug to face two Mutants. A deadly game of cat and mouse ensued with Shug attempting to dodge arrows while staying out of the long shadows of the lift hallway. A Mutant distracted at the end of the hallway as another crawled to the upper vent in order to attack from on high. The first Mutant then ran out of arrows and danced around Shug in order to retrieve some ammunition from the wooden floor. Unfortunately his first arrow missed and Shug (who had been on low health for quite some time) maced him to giblets at the same time as receiving the death arrow. Luckily an AI had awoken during the drawn out conflict, and Shug spawned into him in the vents. He was forced to double back due to mines blocking the way, but eventually made it back to the lift in time to find the thief's dropped potions and loot untouched. He then engaged Mach in close range fighting and was able to mace him in the guest hallways for the round win. Mockers take the round.

Second Round
Mockers: Rodent, Louie, Lunatic
Mutants: PhaeThorn, Aggamemnon, Machine

The round progressed in much the same way as the previous, only the Mutants hedged their bets by securing some evi at the top of the lift, while the Mockers concentrated on keeping AI alive. The Mutants rode the vator to the top with 500 loot, but unfortunately they didn't have enough evi to take the roudn. They were forced to drop down again, and a running confrontation from the lift to the guest hallways saw two Mutants die in a close time-frame, and eventually Machine was left on his own to beat the lift defense. Fortunately he had some equip left, and after gaining 500 loot he invis'd into the lift hallway, and frobbed the lift button. The lift malfunctioned initially, but chaos reigned and despite the lift going back down once more, he managed to keep his hold and ride it up. Rodent appeared out of nowhere to land on the lift, but unfortunately Mach was invulnerable on the ride upwards due to lag issues. He then flashed Rodent at the top and recovered his evi stash for the win. Round goes to Mutants.

Third Round
Mockers: Louie, Rodent, Shug
Mutants: PhaeThorn, Aggamemnon, Machine

The deciding round saw the Mockers gather up AI before quarantining the lift. Louie and Shug then patrolled the lower levels to keep the AI safe and attack thieves in the vents. Some great shots from Louie saw him bag 4 kills, and with the Mutants unable to bring the lift down they attempted to DM the lower floor unsuccessfully. Round goes to Mockers.

Spider: 2 - 0 Mockers

Aquatone: 2 - 1 Mockers

GGs - the spectators were entertained with high quality matches from the two fiercely competitive teams, and no less than three rounds were clutched by last man efforts. Top level.

Screenies (and possibly TS excerpts) will be posted later.

Machine 27th Mar 2005 09:29 AM

Good and fair write up there Shug, "Quarantining the Lift" is that what you call it? We're discussing that in the other thread, awaiting Bill.

2nd Round Spider, I went in with Rodent and Gladius through the front door, Killed Gladius, nearly got rodent but he Ko'd me. I didn't touch the vents that round. Otherwise, complete and accurate I think.

Shug 27th Mar 2005 09:33 AM

Whoops, I'll fix that.

TafferBoy 27th Mar 2005 06:32 PM

I think that captures the essence of some very close and competative matchs, including 3 straight clutch wins, from myself, shug and then machine. There was some exhilerating action going on around the fringes as well and some great x-bow shots, bow dm'ing and pressure-thieveing from both teams.

I believe a quote from Grank on TS sums it up quite nicely.

"They should televise this shit!" - Grank

Aggamemnon 27th Mar 2005 09:41 PM

I actually wasn't alive for the Dming/showdown of the first aqua round, fix please :D
I died shortly before outside the kitchen/conference area (played piss poor that round actually, besides saving/backing-up phae a few times in apo.

The third round saw me kill of grillard and rush around the level ground floor (while you all got Ai I presume) taking everything needed for an objective win, I was also on the lift, after bypassing both rodent and lunatic in the conference-bar/lift lobby area, with heavy cover from both mach and phae, requesting the lift about 3 times, and watching a few guards die from mach's cover before going down myself. Then mach mentioned something about the lift being blocked.

Good Games in my opinion. Mockers played very well on Spiders. :thumb:

Rodent 28th Mar 2005 04:11 AM

2 Attachment(s)
Spider Screenshots : Round 1, 2

Rodent 28th Mar 2005 04:24 AM

2 Attachment(s)
Aqua SShots, round 1 & 3 (anyone have round 2?)

Aggamemnon 28th Mar 2005 11:22 PM

so I'm guessing that YET AGAIN, with over 3 spectators each round, none of them got any good ones of the actual match?

Rodent 28th Mar 2005 11:27 PM

3 Attachment(s)
Action SSHots ;)

Rodent 28th Mar 2005 11:29 PM

3 Attachment(s)
More Action ones

Shug 29th Mar 2005 01:56 AM


-1st post-
Shot 1: Gladius cut down with a bolt attempting to flee into Spider outer yard.
Shot 2: Rodent makes his way into the apartments on Spider.
Shot 3: Shug snatching the grail from under the chest and a pile of flares (it's just visible in the middle of the flares).

-2nd post-
Shot 1: Gladius recovering the Grail and loot after Rodent was killed a couple of steps from freedom, to win the second round on Spider.
Shot 2: Agga busting into one of the guest rooms on Aqua to attack the AI (and a human or two about to appear I believe) in the first round on that map.
Shot 3: A couple of Mutants sitting up the top of the vator with the loot and four evi during the second round of Aqua.

monolithAU 29th Mar 2005 03:02 AM


Originally Posted by Aggamemnon
so I'm guessing that YET AGAIN, with over 3 spectators each round, none of them got any good ones of the actual match?

I took about 12 screenies, but for some reason the files were corrupted and I couldn't open them.. :(


TafferBoy 29th Mar 2005 03:28 AM

I'm sure the missing screenie will turn up somewhere, I hope it does, that round had everything!

monolithAU 29th Mar 2005 04:46 AM

It was a pity , cause I got quite a few screenies of the grail sitting up on the archway in the courtyard...and the many whistlers and flares...etc...I was astonished when I saw where the grail had ended up!

okih-imus 29th Mar 2005 09:05 AM

corrupt??!! how can they be corrupt??!?! O_o

Machine 29th Mar 2005 09:09 AM

Think about it Oki. Think -HARD-.

okih-imus 29th Mar 2005 05:42 PM

Oh my! :joking:

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