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Always glad to take the heat, Carth.

So, to further divide the community into vets and nubs & anger/alienate many (hopefully), here's a bit of a skill tally I propose (if your name is not on here, maybe five bucks will refresh my memory):

*AAA is for 'Aristocracy of Auteurs Augmente (Enfants de la Putain)'*
Carth, DQ, Apone, Nadia, SirRobin, HybridDrgrLvr, MJ, John's Mom, my own bad self, others...

*AA is for 'Almost Awesome'*
Dread, Squee, Baz, Fuzzy Bunn0r, Durandal, NoData, Bucchus, PestCon, Wolfbullet, Phanta, Boots, 404, others...

*A is for 'Amatuers'*
DarkLord, Metanol, Draven, J.C., many others...

*B is for 'Back the hell off'*
Skilled rambo noobs without team coordination

*C is for '(Holy) Crapola, why are you even posting here?'*
Unskilled noobs without team coordination

*F is for 'Fragbait'*
Filthy fucking TKers

Take a screenshot; it'll last longer.

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