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kegs mutators

Updated/New Mods - 2010

Thanks as allways to the super brody for hosting and his servers, thievery would be long gone without him, also thanks to trap, john, pit and cuba for testing these and my other mods.

Armed civilians - Uploading soon

Mutator request from Alex-X-x, this mut allows the server admin to change certain AI civilians into a Lord Gerome style bot, an un-orderable bot with weapons who can kill guards if they attack them, they will also attack thieves on sight. the server admin just has to add the names of the civilians he wants to change to be armed civilians into the ini file. the default settings just changes Lord Alfonso and Lord Denheim.

Zombie Mutator - Download

Dan Hines Code from Th-SoulsHarbor converted to mutator so every map plays that way, also used a bit of immorts code and bit of my own.
- Guards Are Zombies
- BroadHeads and Sword donot do damage
- Thieves can buy holy water and explosive arrows, Flash also does damage
- Ko = Crack the player

ThieveryMutators - Download
Collection of my old muts plus a few i never released, all together in 1 file and all fully configable via ini file. have been a few fixes and a few alterations. oh and this time bandit, if you plan on using any of these in the future then be so kinda as to look for flaws now, screaming FAIL 2 years after its released isnt very helpfull.. and as it happens that mut doesnt change guard bolt damage unless your shooting your own team

Standalone Config Stuff
NoKo=True = BlackJack cannot Ko Guards, but will kill doc/spiders etc
CrackKo=True = a sucsessfull hit cracks guards
NoKilling=True = Thieves cannot kill guards with sword or broadheads
BowPullDamage=True = how long you hold fire determines how much damage inflicted (i know immorts done this too but i couldnt be arsed to remove it )
NoDDBackShots=True = Removes double damage for back shots
NoAIKilling=True = Thieves cannot kill AI with sword or Arrows, but can kill Humans
NoAIKoing=True = Thieves cannot Ko AI but can KO humans
AntiStack=True = Makes it harder to stack objects to cover loot/objectives
AntiBlock=True = Makes crates/barrels unfrobable/unmoveable
RemoveBlockers=True = Removes blockers from map, can get to new places
NoBotOrders=True = Cannot Order Bots
LockAllDoors=True = Locks all Doors that are normaly unlocked, only level 3 lock so not long to unlock
KegLoot=True = Turns all loot into kegs
DMGame=True = Forces DM game with new objective info
LightGame=True = Lightens Up over dark maps, asylem/grange etc
AllThievesMustExit=True = makes all thieves have to be in the exits
NoSuicideForSupplies=True = typing the suicide command puts you in spectator mode, can still suicide in fire etc
LimitGuardDeaths=True = Makes MaxGuardDeath take effect
MaxGuardDeaths=2 = Number of deaths when guard will be moved to spectator, 2 = on 2nd death, he gets put as spectator
RemoveSpiders=True = Removes all spiders from the map
ThiefDoors = Doors Stop when bumped (flawed online dont work)

Spawn Equipment Stuff
CustomStartingEquip=True = when set to true the below commands are enabled, they are equipment you spawn with

BlackJack=True = True means you do spawn with, false means you donot
ThiefBArrowCount=5 = BroadHeads, The number is of course the number you spawn with
ThiefWArrowCount=5 = Water
ThiefVArrowCount=2 = Vine
ThiefMArrowCount=2 = Moss
ThiefDArrowCount=2 = Decoy
ThiefCArrowCount=0 = Crack
ThiefFArrowCount=0 = Flare
ThiefEArrowCount=0 = Explosive
GuardSBoltCount=10 = Bolts
GuardTBoltCount=5 = Tag
GuardPBoltCount=5 = Para
GuardFBoltCount=0 = Fire
FlareCount=3 = Flares For guards

Chest Stuff
CustomChest=True = When True you get a new custom chest to replace the old one, following commands are enabled

SolidChest=True = Cannot be destroyed
ChestThiefsCanUse=True = Thieves can steal stuff too!
ChestResupplyTime=30 = Time to wait before reuse
ChestBoltCount=10 = Bolts
ChestTBoltCount=3 = Tag
ChestPBoltCount=2 = Para
ChestFBoltCount=1 = Fire
ChestFlareCount=1 = Flares
ChestGuardHealthCount=1 = Guard Health pots
ChestGuardMessage="You Picked up some extra supplies" = Message guard gets when frobbed
ChestArrowCount=0 = Broadheads
ChestWArrowCount=1 = Water
ChestDArrowCount=1 = Decoy
ChestMArrowCount=1 = Moss
ChestCArrowCount=0 = Crack
ChestEArrowCount=0 = Explosive
ChestFArrowCount=0 = Flare
ChestVArrowCount=0 = Vine
ChestThiefHealthCount=1 = Health pots for thieves
ChestThiefMessage="You Stole some equipment" = Thieves message when frobbed

of course change the settings.. they are as they are for testing. note if you change the spawn equipment, buyloadouts dont work properly, thats the gametype not my mut tho.

Original Mods - 2007

-ThDmer - removes all map loot, map "O" Objectives and the objective actors of most current maps.
-ThAntiStack - makes all tobjectivehousehold actors unfrobable and unmoveable
-ThAntiBlock - Makes all crates unfrobable and unmoveable so they cannot be used to block doorways etc
-ThNoKo - ThNoKo mutator makes the blackjack unable to ko both human and ai guards. also included is "ThNoKoCrack" this mutator code was stolen and altered from SoulsHarbor (made by dan hines),
-ThNoKill - ThNoKill mutator makes the Thief sword and broadhead arrows do damage of 0. making it impossible for thieves to kill guards with sword or broadheads.
-ThKegLoot - Changes all loot in all maps to small kegs.
-ThMasterLockPickThief - makes all thdoors locked and pickable
-ThNoAiControl - ThNoAiControl makes all ai not take orders
-ThNoBlockers - ThNoBlockers removes all BlockAll actors from the map
-ThAntiDmer - ThAntiDm makes it harder for thieves to DM. Arrow damage is flawed
-ThNoEquipStart - Removes starting equipment for both thieves and guards. - flawed on some maps
[E.D.G]Keggie - All that is yours is allready mine
Thievery - Hanse's, Market, Mutator List
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