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I don't know why are you continually being so dishonest, it's really annoying, you click on the browser option in the main menu, you view servers and arrange the list by filter or order it by category, every day for months there has never been a map that is not an official one.

And even if the server has the custom campaigns, which you always discover by accident if you click F8 to change the mission, there are no people interested in playing it because nobody has THE SLIGHTEST CLUE about the existence of anything other than the official campaign.

I indeed changed the mission once to such campaign when I discovered it on the server, always by accident, and existing people drop out and nobody ever joins.

Also, about 15 people friended me due the course of playing AW, none of them have a clue about other campaigns, and most of them stopped playing anyway.

Stop fucking around already with your transparent bullshit lies.
What fucking friends do you gather, what fucking campaigns!!!??

The whole concept is fundamentally broken. Even if you are not bullshitting, your marginal exceptional exclusionary experience is completely irrelevant.
"The greatest tragedy in mankind's entire history may be the hijacking of morality by religion."
Arthur C. Clarke
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