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In a way Daniel YES IT HAS and its not your fault. Your a cool guy and i'm sorry to have disappointed you. You have been a great teammate and member and i thank you for that. I am leaving myself because this has gone far enough. I shall find my place and so shall you

Respected Players of TUT..
I am happy to say that The_Dragon I are now permanently renouncing our leadership of AYL to Chalrif and Cliff. The guild has grown corrupt and several people which will not be mentioned have arbitrarily decided to override my rules and refuse to cooperate/participate. Yet have ample opportunity to argue with fellow members. Clearly I am not the only one who has these feelings. I have received a few private messages from respected players that replicate my thoughts. It is obvious that the guild has been on a rampage of rudeness, immaturity, and downright insubordination. It has grown to the point where dragon and I are no longer able to controll it. I will still play TUT. But AYL clearly does not mesh with my playing style. :cry: i have a bright future ahead of me in the community and i do not desire to have it quelled by a rabble of insubordinate warmongers It may seem like i'm abandoning AYL and you know what... I AM :twisted: Cuz im fed up with this confliction that is moving no where fast. Good luck guys and Ill be seeing you IN GAME Not to badmouth AYL or anything, because it still houses great players, but the loss of some leaders is a worthy sign of disbandment I gotta go meet my favorite book author now so bye bye!
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