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Thanx, Katra, for not mentioning my name back there...

I, too have followed suit and have abandoned my membership to the guild that is no longer.

My plans for a new guild have so far not worked out, but i'll at least try to keep a loose contact to all that can tell me their e-mail adresses for reunions and friendly matches and all that.

it seems, however that i may have been a major cause and the final straw in the terrible demise of such a great team... i came in looking for a good time with friends, but ended up being non-informed with rules and going quick to anger.

i've worked on that, and feel it is time to hold one last meeting in hopes of a new guild that prevents corruption . i'll post how we'll meet if we will on Saturday for a last effort on a new guild. if this doesn't work.............

well, until then, kepp cool y'all!
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