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Heres a box with a light and a player start

Hammer is great regarding brush building but some other stuff is stupefyingly overcomplex. Yes place the file into what/screwyou/blabla/whatwasievendoin then make a .txt file in /ohgod/whatthehell/aaargh and fill it with 2000 lines of cryptic shit so you can have a stupid objective pic. Also that sound file doesnt work because it has a property assigned in another file buried 200 miles under a Balrogs ass.

Anyways i actually got a map done, heres some pics, uploading to swarm armory atm, will post link asap

Basically you wreck stuff in the upper floors of a skyscraper. Pictures arent that good but i couldnt cheat like in the editor and got constantly mauled :<

Here we go. Bet you cant rambo this >:p
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