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Running the risk of telling you more than you wanna know:

One 'EDW' guy did the first release, another guy whose unreal name I forgot, made the original models. Can't seem to find the thread atm in that other forum, maybe it's gone.
Shaun 'Iniquitous' Goeppinger fixed and improved the code, and re-released the package under the name of 'Aliensfixed'. He also has a nice page in general, have a look.

Yours truly did the port from Unreal2K4 to AlienSwarm. I admit I did an awful job; those beasts originally had a more interesting behaviour, including some more sounds and animations, and a better handling of these.

Problem is, they were using a subclass of Unreals MonsterController as brains, and it is not trivial to port that to Swarm. May even be impossible, but it sure is with the little coding skills I have. Controllers are complex business, and depend on what they call native coding: C++ code in Unreal you cannot even read.
While I managed to make the pawn script a child of the AoAlienPawn, thereby making the Aliens countable, inflammable etc., I wasn't able to port the Controller. So I took and modded the best 'brain' I could get, the Gimp controller, made by the Telic team, based on the BCG code.

Hope I gave everyone enough credits now. My part in it was rather small, and far from perfect. Shaun allowed me to use the monsters, so I guess that's ok from that side, and in general, stuff like that is meant to be played.

I was never really satisfied with the result, disliking some things about it, like the green blood patches the beasts leave on the ground, and other small stuff. So I didn't ever release (although the optionmutator can make the game use those beasts as customaliens, very much like Uber mode works).
But y'know, all things new and shiny, kjk has to have 'em in his maps.
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