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Been thinking a bit more about this, hate to be the one to say it.

This title (what ever they do with it) wouldn't work well with the previous voice actor for Garrett now, looking at the artwork and trailer, or even the same voices for the other charcters - simply you would take the game; as starting off after Thief 4... stealing what it is to make something out of essentially nothing people are going to respect with the alterations (like DS all over again but a mega uproar) (limiting the project as it has to adhere to the past and somewhow bring something new to the Thief universe to continue evolving and top the previous *Garretts in deep water part 4*, unless it's a new character and then yea - Garrett could be around, I suppose, which I had considered so you can start again but then you lose Garrett, so you limit the project before you begin-starting off from where Thief DS ended, I'm just wondering how far ahead the team has conceptually thought about this title, Deus ex I can see sequels... Thief *heh*.

That voice actor is so stronlgy associated with the past three games and then the memories expectations etc, it just limits the project, Imagine redoing Thief 2 or even one map from it as a memory to play within this project? you can't really add much new except Graphics unles you rework it (but how much?)- sad yes; also not very entertaining if your a fan allready you know how to beat the map etc *like what they did with the place - really done it up* so there is no point redoing the previous games exactly how they were over again, but for Thief to work today (even for a sequel after this new project, although starting in a late era - how modern is it going to get...) I guess this is what has to be done, also they can go backwards and forwards in time of the title because it's a revision of the storyline and charcter without limitations, if not carrying on where DS left off, it's not going to be the forth or the same voice of the chacter we know, it's capturing a new audiance, with an old tale... that we do know but... everything is different but of the same theme.
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