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Okay i understand the players are on the new Source Alien Swarm, but i prefert this version with low system requirment.

I found how to enter the server's IPs.
Now i'm completly borring. I can see the servers, but when i'm entering one of them, UT2k4 Master Server say is not able to validate my copy of unreal. After i close this useless notice, im facing a black screen with the Briefing Lobby song. Than, my only possibility is to return on game menu.

I remembering yo my CD-Key get banned beacause a keygen steal my own. So, to acces the unreal multiplayer, i cracked my game with a Demo reg.

I'm supose to not validate/registrate and acces directly with the servers IP ? I can reinstal UT2k4 but Is it working ?

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