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 Originally Posted by NeuroFunkeR: ( link to post ) 
but so far, this is the only mission, i had some slight flashback to previous series.
Just wait till you see the cradle clone..

overall i like it.. but i was always going to.. there are several areas it needs improvment on.. the world feels small, the story is.. average, some rather linear maps/sections.. but the actualy stealth gameplay works well.. if you havnt played a previous thief game i think you would like thief 4, but it does lack somthing when compared to the originals.. I have 15 hours on it so far which is a dam sight more then other games and i still have 2 missions left and a load of side missions..

overall i like, but could be improved, there are several small anoying things too that could of been fixed really easy but..
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