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The gameplay and mechanics of Thief4 are actually fine and I am surprised that people rather bemoan that. What bothers me more is the story/universe. So this is kind of a reboot... or not?

Thief4 takes place 400 years after the old games, and this is a second garret (yup it really is!*) (including a second basso). Garret is a nobody and not the master thief anymore. And the sheer cloning/copying of previously successful levels, places, structures and characters of the old thief games. (i.e. Angelwatch and the Cradle).

I wished for they would make it more clear weather or not it should be a reboot. Halfly done business does not please anybody. Either make it a 100% reboot or a 100% sequel, but not a mix where nobody keeps puzzling about what it is.

One cool idea however would be using the eye in a later sequel, let's say, Thief6, to merge the two worlds / time periods together .
Just hope for they don't go for the assassins creed approach.

Other than that, it is a well made, solid and decent game.

Btw, it definitely is alfonso. (A pun to Th-Grange?)

*There are notes about that the old garret died in the insane asylum. Oh, and the Thief 1-3 city now is the "lost city" below the actual city (and below that lies the 'real' lost city). ...Seriously?
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