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 Originally Posted by Trapmaster: ( link to post ) 
The gameplay and mechanics of Thief4 are actually fine and I am surprised that people rather bemoan that. What bothers me more is the story/universe. So this is kind of a reboot... or not?
one of the things that's bugging me is the lack of pagans and hammers, its not the fact that they removed them, its more the fact there is nothing to replace them. you only sneak past watchmen, you do bump into others closer to the end, but there still watchmen in a way, i'd rather there were pagan/hammer sections of the city just to see some varaity, because atm its watchmen with sword, watchmen with bow.. just lacks that somthing extra.. the fact they do not climb either makes escaping a little too easy.. (the game is allready to easy, play as Master Difficulty at the least or you will get bored)

As alex said the combat is.. limited, but i rather like that.. the game is trying to push you toward's stealth which i like, its also got the balance about right, 1v1 you can win, 1v2 you can win if your clever, 1v3 and you will struggle alot. No sword too

and yeah.. the universe is a little messed up, am not sure if its suposed to be reboot and sequeal, am hoping the end of the game gives some reason why its half/half
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