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 Originally Posted by PhaeThorn:
 Originally Posted by LaughingRat:
and to TuF for losing the respect of Phae, whose respect is an insult anyway.
I respect you the most of all people LR :twisted:
Cool. I'll remind you of that next time I use a mine to send the elevator up in Aqua. Or go over the wall in Theatre. Or kill the spider through the gate in Asylum. Or set off the "exit" objective in Gerome before getting the evidence. Or exit along the wall in Nostalgia. Or use acquired lockpicks to find the rubies in Korman.

I'll also remind you that I think all those things and more are OK, and that you RESPECT me for that, next time I advocate for anyone using those tactics.

Unless, of course, you didn't mean it when you said you respect me?
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