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Classic swarm - active servers

Ten years now, eh? Well... (edit:eleven and counting)

There are, at the moment, only two swarm v1 server left.

Rob and Felix kindly provide the DE server, it has all the standard maps and campaigns, runs smoothly for several years now, and has seen a lot of reunion sessions. It is playable from the USofA, and from Canada, too, ping-wise.
You can check from your browser if there is anyone playing there at the moment, via (browser needs to allow php scripts)
Thanks again to Rob and Felix, for providing this place to play.

The Space Engineers' server is located in greece, and it actually features two processes, here are the IP addresses:

The server has all the maps, I think, and it runs the Options Mutator. So players could type 'mutate optionhelp' into the console to get the small help screen up, showing the availiable mutator commands.
The server also has some odd unfinished stuff and unfinished maps. Try at your own risk.

Thanks to tchatzi too for keeping this one up. You guys are Humanity's last refuge...

Greece may be too far for the US players to get a good ping, but the DE server works okay.

I will keep this thread up-to-date. If any other permanent servers were put into service, they could be announced here as well.

EDIT: Updated Dec. 2015

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