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 Originally Posted by FatRatHead:
No. Rules say if they don't choose time until end of the fourth day the forfeit rule takes it's place. It's not important how late, improtant is it was late. Our team told Bill we can give them the time slots (being late if it has some importance), but he told us to not bother.
How late most certainly IS important. It's what WB is basing his judgement of what is too late on. Are you saying that, with a 15 day move time, someone who's, say, 13 days late should STILL be allowed to schedule their match? Because that's what "It's not important how late" means.

I'll also bring up this:
 Originally Posted by WildBill:
VII - I am the sole and final arbiter of this tournament. Any issue will be resolved by me, and my word is final.
That condition was stated at the beginning, before you ever signed up. If you're unprepared to abide by it, you had no business joining the tournament in the first place.

In this case, as the sole and final arbiter of the tournament, WB has stated that he's being lenient on deadlines at first, and that one day falls within that leniency, and three doesn't.

Presumably, you got into this to have fun. It seems like it's not much fun for you, which gets me back to my initial suggestion:


Do yourself and everyone else a favor, and drop out of the tournament. It'll be less of a headache for you, and more importantly, for everyone else.

It's also worth noting that as sole and final arbiter, WB has the right to penalize you or your team for your continued insolence. So if you intend to take the adult route, and live with the consequences of your actions, you may want to consider shutting up about it, lest some other penalty or censure be levied.
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