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 Originally Posted by FatRatHead: ( link to post ) 
But still, thieves could frob it from outside the chest and when it gets stacked its impossible to find it.
would you like me to make a mutator for gerome then so the env turns the circle red? as it doesnt atm and no one complains.. plus.. stacking?? where?? orj?

 Originally Posted by -KewlAzMe-: ( link to post ) 
Umm when its in certain chests you can see the actual map sticking out... red circle or not.
are you sure bout that? i was fairly sure that they where moved so they didnt do that in the current standard version which everyone plays on. i just checked it and couldnt find one that sticks out.. i know in the older version they did, but tbh its not somthing i ever check so wouldnt know

 Originally Posted by Kammie:
(I've not noticed the red circle as a guard anymore, I might be behind on the haxxing. So you may need to shrink the collision or whatever controls the distance before you see the red circle too) How about you just make it super easy and make a mutator to shrink the map object drawscale.
doing that was my original idea.. but if you alter the collision then the thief has to be closer to the object to frob it.. i was trying to avoid effecting the game play, frobbing the map would be the same as frobbing normal loot.. i can alter the draw scale and collision but it will make it harder to frob.. having it just not turn red means guards carnt find it.. if you rather have the reduced scale i can do that instead tho.. place your vote and i will make it on the result of that
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