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 Originally Posted by FatRatHead:
As I said, they will simply lean in to see it.

And making it smaller will make it impossible to from through the chest. It needs some sort of protection to peeking.
you cannot see the map by leaning now tho.. you can see the red.. if i remove that the thief would have to sit there for ages frobing constantly to get it.. yes its still possible.. but not that likely, it stops peeking.. which is the main problem..

 Originally Posted by FatRatHead: ( link to post ) 
Yes on that version I frobbed the map through all of the chests...
I didnt mean can you frob it though the chest, kam said "Umm when its in certain chests you can see the actual map sticking out..." so i thought he meant the map sticks out, i know its possible to frob the map though each chest, if you see red as a guard you can frob the map. my way stops peaking, not frobing, how often does a thief frob the map though the chest anyway

 Originally Posted by Kiech Bepho: ( link to post ) 
I think the end problem is fixed not by adding a mutator, but by putting the object inside of thchest, so no one can see it. I haven't tested any randomness in thchest though, so I am not sure it will work easily.

Of course, the thief won't have to bother with frobbing a second/third time to get the scroll.
you refering to the chests that when you pick you get the contense instantly? yes that would solve it, but thats a new updated map, noone will download the latest updated version of skelston.. never mind another one.. mutator means it fixes it without everyone having to download it.. as tut is filled with lazy buggers
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