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Exclamation Tits & Ass


We have to report that last Sunday 22.02.2015 Sigma-Station has been overrun by assault forces of the Alien Swarm .

This was the first major attack after a long period of peace. The Swarm hit the Station by total surprise. Only one witness could have been rescued. Williams: “It was horrible… They are all dead…. OMG!!!!!” . The witness was sedated and brought to the nearest space ship… the Ortega. He has been assured that it is totally save there . We wish him a save trip and quick recovery.

After the rescue mission Sigma-Station was destroyed. Sarge: “There was no other way…. No, not the aliens, we killed them all… The new T75 was the problem. We had to test it… It was an accident….”

Well, our heroes clearly had no other choice. I think the Tax payers agree... Good work!

We are all in deep dept to this mixed team of veterans of the Swarm attack from 2004 – 2012 and one newcomer:

and (for the first time) Wes
with the friendly IT Support by on of the two remaining strongholds in the AS server galaxy.

Since this is an ongoing situation Space Forces have declared martial law and created a new department for elite soldiers Assault Space Soldiers (ASS) supported by the Tactical Interventions Team Supply (TITS) department.

You want to see ASS & TITS in action? Yea, we too. Therefore we have scheduled a regulary action date. The aim is to have a battle every week or at least every second week.

If you want to join forces post your support message below and the recruitment specialist from ASS & TITS will PM you.

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