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I haven't seen this topic before, so the answers may be late. The issue with missing hud has something to do with the FOV (I can't recall precisely atm), it was either AutoFOV property (I think it is supposed to be set to false) in renderer's settings (Th.Aux ini), or DesiredFOV and Default FOV in ThieveryUser.ini (both should be set to 90.0). I have heard people complaining on this issue, and in all cases it helped.

The slider in options allows the music to be only a bit less loud - it was done on purpose in 1.7, to disallow you from taking advantage of having music turned off. I'm not fond of this feature to be honest, as the music at some levels (like DE) is terribly loud. It is still possible to turn it off in your ThAux ini, by setting MusicVolume property to 0 (slide allows just something like 96). I don't consider it unfair, and I guess most player wouldn't as well.

edit: I looked for it a while and found properties DesiredFOV and DefaultFOV present in ThieveryMod.ini as well. What is more, they are set to 106.0 by default, which is incorrect in online gaming, and should be changed to 90.0. Most likely, there is no need to tweak with renderer's settings.
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