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 Originally Posted by mcfarrel: ( link to post ) 

3) There are noescape zones, but if You think it is better to make some, this is relatively no problem... (I thought the escape zone/s is logical, but on the other hand there is possibility for Guards to just block path(s) to the escape zone(s) and slay thieves there...
4) which windows? Do You mean the glass part of the doors? This seems strange (The door brush object, should have consist of massive part, window part and invisible collision part, but...)
3 - Well guards try that on most maps anyway, you dont have to use the same start as exit, could make it escape into the rafters or somthing.. but just finishing it on picking up the last bit of loot doesnt feel right to me the ideas always to sneak in, steal and sneak out
4 - Yes the glass part of the doors, its weird, sometimes i can shoot through them, sometimes i cannot, same door, just keep shooting more then half go through but some don't lol odd

 Originally Posted by mcfarrel: ( link to post ) 

1) Argh..., thanks I will fix this. I did not found this hole, sorry.
2) The various objective items of evidence were added here to make it more "diverse", to prevent just to knock out the doctor (on the one hand it is illogical to lock the doctor in his quarters only on the other hand if not locked the guards will come in and prevent thieves kidnapping doctor...). So there are three objects of evidence now (hopefully I did not forgot any...) body of Dr. Steiner, dead body of the ThSkaarj and of course the documentation book... I thought it might be little intriguing to examine whether ir not is this object piece of evidence, but well.... It seems it was jusm my personal oppinion, and incorrect opinion to be more specific. OK I will re... well rewrite the objective text in this part.
1 - there Easy to miss tbh
2 - well my point was i didnt even know the Skaarj was the 3rd objective i didnt even try to frob it just ran straight past it, the objectives just seemed a little vague, but if thats what you wanted then fine im just used to been told exactly what to do in thievery maps leave it as it is if you want
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