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Immortius' Journal Entry - 02/03/2008

With the alpha released, I though I'ld take some time to mention some of the things I've been working on since my last journal entry.

Obviously I have spent some time working through all the quirks and issues relating to releasing a mod. This included creating a launcher for running Nightblade that could update the user's UTEngine.ini with the necessary settings. I made sure to test the launcher on XP (I developed it on Vista) and fixed a few problems this revealed.

I focused some effort on working on the Thievery -> UT3 map converter, adding in ambient sound and music conversion, filling out tables of information necessary to convert the various actors from UT to UT3.

I implemented the respawn systems, with Thieves drawing from a lives pool and Guards possessing AI, in much the same way as thievery.

Recently I've been working on various aspects related to Gullonefox's guard model and fixing issues with Guards waking up after being KOed.
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