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I only ever got runtime error crashes when a recource was missing. Same of course when a recource is not in the place it is expected to be.

Check that you have a folder structure like this after installing/extracting: in the UT2004 folder, there are the "UT recource folders", like Animations or Music or Sounds or System, and besides those, the AlienSwarm folder, which AGAIN has very similar recource subfolders. These AS subfolders are the place where the Telic stuff would normally go, and directly, I mean, no more subfolders inside those.

Not so sure about that, but Swarm should find a recource in both places, means it shouldn't matter if say a texture file is in UT2004/Textures or in UT2004/AlienSwarm/Textures.

But it sure won't find it for example in UT2004/AlienSwarm/AlienSwarm/Textures/ or other imaginable places like Textures/Telic/... or whatever. (No I am not thinking you are stupid, such "wrong extraction" things have happened to me several times.)

You seem to have put the recources into the direct UT2004 subs. It should work too, when done right, means with pure recources (=not with the System stuff), and maybe with the exception of music, but in general, that's not how things normally are, see above.

This is, btw, like most UT mods are organised, so sorry if I am telling you nothing new.

I didn't make things much clearer, did I? Could have posted a screenshot of the folder structure instead, but my UT is just not representative, with a quazillion of mods and stuff installed. Maybe someone else can show you a 'clean' picture.


Of course it could be, and prolly is, something completely different.

The other thing that comes to my mind is, UT doesn't like spaces in path names, so a ".../Games/UT2004/..." folder is good, but a ".../My Games/UT2004/..." folder is not.
But maybe this one only applies to when you use the editor.


while what I said before isn't wrong, I now did what I should have done in the 1st place, took a closer look at that log you posted:

those 4 first warnings "Missing Cubemaps" etc. look familiar, that's probably not the problem, I recall it came with Telic and ain't critical.

Things start seriously going wrong with "The file '../StaticMeshes/Primeval_SM.usx' contains unrecognizable data"

So it appears like that package IS found, but is corrupted somehow. So the solution could be to just download the Telic zip again. And, of course, extract to the right place afterwards.

Let's hope that does it, but if not, keep trying, and call back here. I don't remember a single case where the game was REALLY uninstallable.

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