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TRS Thievery ut Server

  • General Server Info:
Server Name: [TRS] *Thievery UT 3 IN 1*
Server clan forum:
Admin name: Getty
AI Skill: Clever
Loot drop: 50%
Pass vote: 60%
Chest disabled.
TeamKill off.
Timelimit: 18
Guards Start Money: 850
Thieves Start Money: 600
Force Wake Up: Enabled
Max Following Bots: 3
Team Balance: On
Pregame wait time (PWT) : 15 sec
Max Players: 18-22
Force Respawn (FR) : Disabled

  • Rules:

No Cheating!
Keep the bad language to a minimum.
No Intentional Type Killing.
Play fair and have fun! Show your skills!

  • Current GameTypes:
Thievery vs Guards l ThiefMatch l Cooperative

  • Mutators and Info on:

General mutators: ASC, Map-vote LA, Hidden admin, Server-scrool, AKA
Cooperative: ThNoBlockers l No timelimit
ThiefMatch: TUTFatboy, Explosive Loot
(New maps/versions coming every week)
(Full Thief2 Pack Maps will be up soon)

  • Server Time:

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