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Haxer's Thievery Server

Haxer's Thievery Server [LIGHT PROMOD]
Game Tracker
Bandit's plugin

Admin: Haxer557
FriendlyFire: 50%
BalanceTeams: Yes
TimeLimit: 25
LootDrop: 100%
AISkill: Normal
AIAutoWakeUpTime: 5 minutes
PlayerLimit: 32
FrobWakeUp: Yes, delayed
SupplyChest: Yes
ForceRespawn: Yes
  • BDBMapVote
  • Thievery ProMod v35 - info below
  • ThHaxersCrossbowFix - a quick-fix against crossbow ammo disappearing sometimes
  • ThHaxersAdmin - a tool just for me , allowing a few basic operations without need to adminlogin
ThieveryProMod features:
  • All required fixes, like silent edge walking, bunny hoping, antiflash exploits
  • Supply chest resupply time based on guard count
  • Silent Creep Movement
  • Behind view blocked
  • New sound system
  • Delayed FrobWakeUp to 30 seconds
Features on it's way to be delivered:
  • Score Recorder - just as it used to be,every round statistics logged, new post-round stats system, new awards, statistics available online, achievements. It is almost ready, waiting for just a few improvements

The server unfortunately cannot be on 24/7.

[03-11-2013]For about a week (04.11-10.11), due to technical problems with brothers PC, server will be temporarily shut down . Today (03.11), and always before, server was running on my notebook. Unfortunately because I need my notebook with me in many places since 2 years, I cannot use it for server all the time.
[15-11-2013]Server is back.

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