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 Originally Posted by WildBill:
Traditional blocking of the elevator is easy to counter. If the thieves are careless enough to allow the guards access to the top of the elevator, that's their tough luck.
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I see you editted your post now. But still read through my post

It seems to me that you're not really understanding the problem. Correct me if i'm wrong though. While normal blocking ( making the elevator bump up again ) is indeed quite easy to counter, this is a different situation.

The guards, sitting in the top hole on the side, was blocking the elevator from coming down. It is too high to shoot the guards, arrows will come down again. There is also no way of going up, except with the elevator. So basicly there is no counter for that as you mentioned above. Sure, there may be some things that prevents the guards from going up in the first place, I don't know that at this time. But once they're in place it is NOT counterable.

As said, correct me if I'm wrong but I think you misunderstood it if you say there is a counter for the block. This is no mere chokepoint, it's breaking the map completely. It's like stealing the exits away from the thieves so they can't get out even if they wanted to.
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