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 Originally Posted by WildBill:
The issue is that the guards can currently use the lower elevator button to get up to that blocking position on their own. That will be fixed. Guards will still be able to block there if the thieves are careless, but that's their own fault then.
Alright, you've heard my opinion and I heard yours. You're the one with the final voice in the tournament here so we'll leave it at this.

One last thing though, I think you'll have to ask the mockers how they got that elevator up to be certain it will be fixed in 1.5. No normal firebolts + mine/whistler can get them to use the button with the the server patch installed. There is another way they could have gotten that elevator up though. If that way is possible ( It still needs some testing ) then the problem can NOT be fixed by fixing the buttons. I'll contact you about this other way later
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