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I agree that the tactic is almost uncounterable, but the ingenuity of discovering such a 'lame' tactic and the relative skill involved in its execution isn't something that all teams could've come up with. We did debate about whether we should use it or not, and we figured that we were within our rights under the rules, although we obviously expected changes to the rules or the map because of it. And to be perfectly honest, we didn't want to use it unless we felt pressed.

I don't want the issue to put a damper on the efforts of Louie, Shug and Rodez; our guards perform extremely well in that round and the Mutant's efforts to DM failed so it never looked like coming down to a 'win by time' situation anyway, the practical effect on the match was the remove the option of the objectvies win, only after did the mutants realise that a DM win would've been also impossible, barring a sportsmanlike swan-dive into the abyss.

As for how we got the vator up, i would prefer to PM the method to Bill if he is interested than post it on the forums. For obvious reasons.

The other problem with the lift, being unslashable while riding it up, is confined to players of moderate to high ping. I've been slashed on the lift before by AI (who have sub-100 ping) and players with sub-100 pings. I believe it is a online issue not a map issue and could only be solved by slowing the lift down.

On a final note, imo 'game-breaking' tactics will have to be discussed on a case by case basis. Rather than adding a rule which simply says no 'game-breaking' tactics, because this might lead to many allegations and so on with regards to a whole range of exploits and tactics.
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