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The ability to get the lift up int he first place has been discovered, me and phae worked on it tonight, so we'll be sure to distribute the idea to every tom dick and harry we find. Getting up is VERY easy.

We'll be using this on the publics to SHOW that Aqua is broken, people may well use the counter, which as long as there is a theif dedicated to it, and that theif is VERY lucky then the guards can be hindered at best. High risk? with 2 guards, this is simple to execute, you've been playing long enough to place yourself on the edge of a cliff. The other guard just presses a button! The first action is again, simple, you can aim can't you?

To be frank, we've crossed the border for exploits now, I had 5 great high quality games this morning, and the last one smacked of desperation, Mutants didn't DM because we knew what you'd done, we didn't clear everyone out because we KNEW is was futile, you know we could have done because we did it before.

The last game, wasn't played, we've crossed into this doing things to win, not PLAYING to win, because the exploit requires no playing, your not besting anyone in thievery, your sat on your ass in a hole.

I was more dissapointed than anything, the exploit was known, and you said yourself you knew of the consequences.

A week from now you'll have people crying out loud on this map, it'll become like breakout and nobody will play it. The fix is allready done I believe Phae did one this evening.

As far as the tourny goes, it appears you have your map, and well played on spider and the first 2 Aquas.

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