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 Originally Posted by Shug:
I honestly believe the only reason nobody has ever used a game-breaker strat before is because nobody has ever been able to do it.
This is hardly a game breaking strategy -- it's easily countered with anticipation. If you'd pulled this the first round I'm fairly confident they'd have prevented it in the following rounds.

 Originally Posted by Shug:
We'll agree to NOT using this again in future matches on aqua, for the sake of the tournament.
While I appreciate that, realize that you're under to obligation to do so.

 Originally Posted by TheMachine:
We'll be using this on the publics to SHOW that Aqua is broken, people may well use the counter, which as long as there is a theif dedicated to it, and that theif is VERY lucky then the guards can be hindered at best.
 Originally Posted by TheMachine:
A week from now you'll have people crying out loud on this map, it'll become like breakout and nobody will play it. The fix is allready done.
Machine, that's beneath you. You know that it's broken, and that public servers in no way compare to tournament play. The fix is already done and will be in Thievery 1.5, as you well know. If you insist on raging like this, I'll ban you myself.
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