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 Originally Posted by lightfoot: ( link to post ) 
Come and swarm!

Oh damn, it was one of those lots-of-good-players-but-everything-goes-wrong kinda like sessions...
More like:

"for some strange reason the 2 people playing the techs started a tk fest every single time felix died and in some cases when anyone died."

tbh that session left me asking if we can have server passwords or resslot only mode on from time to time.

EDIT: Some of us want to play on insane, but some people just arent up to it, and its annoying because its the ppl that want to play insane that give up and leave before the ppl not up to it. I have no problem with playing at a difficulty suitable for everyone, but when no one lowers the difficulty what happened was ineviable.

Kudos to felix for the very nice CC.
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