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Been a while since I fooled with UED, and although I do not think that is possible, you might be able to replicate the effect:

A) Add invisible brush, if required, for any kind of direct interaction.
B) Make the mirror translucent.
C) Behind translucent mirror, create a portal to another room that is dimensionally the mirror image of that main room except the "invisible" object is present/visible, and the room is otherwise empty.

Main thing is to have the object oriented in the mirror room so that it looks like it is reflected.

Would expect the effect to be helped by low light and the "invisible" object being in a position that nothing else can get behind (unless it is supposed to looked ghostly since all items behind it are visible in the mirror. Also, suspect the best effect would be if the lighting of the overall mirror room is low/nil, but the object itself is very bright.

Main issue that might kill the effect is if something is supposed block the object as it moves past (such as the player). This could be prevented by clever placement I think.
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