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Lightbulb New Video and Audio Renderers

Continuing the development of Chris Dohnal and Kentie, Smirftsch over at has continued to improve and update the Unreal and UT renderers (as well as other U1 games).

Several new flavours are available for new GFX cards, including XOpenGL OpenGL3 / OpenGL4.
Your ears also get a treat as much as your eyes with the new OpenAL renderer.
The audio upgrade is perfect for surround-sound users, as it offers a more accurate positioning.
Various options include occlusion of sound and choice of how the sound "rolls-off" (mimic Unreal or UT).
Galaxy allows a maximum of 32 channels, but OpenAL allows 64 so there is no excuse for any sounds to be dropped.

For mappers the EFX system offers an easy bolt-in way to add correct ambient and reverb to a zone.
The new renderer is build around libxmp.dll and finally offers U1 games MP3 and OGG amongst many other formats, including many Amiga trackers !

Video renderer forum

Audio renderer forum
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