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the XOGL renderer performance is absolutely abysmal on an hd 7850 (5-10 fps), no idea why.

tbh, i honestly think it would be better spent the effort, to integrate postprocess effects to the renderer, than write another renderer to produce the exact same output as every other with changes nobody will notice or see (aside from bugs), but of course, people are free to do in their own time whatever they want.

the only renderer i know that does this is the DX10/DX11 renderer which has it's own rudimentary hdr/bloom lighting shader (not that this couldnt be done in any of the other ones). if only it went a bit further and added AO/DOF/IL. Otherwise, without considering this lighting shader, there is no notable difference btw ogl/dx9/dx10/dx11 renderers, and indeed, really, there shouldn't be (they are all somewhat equivalent).

there are already ways to do (some of) this, say, sweetfx, enb and reshade... but they are buggy, old or unreliable at best (trying to pull arbitrary depthbuffer at the END of render cycle, hm... oh wait, drawing the UI just blanked the entire zbuffer. verdict: useless)

this all seemed a bit crazy to me, given that UE1 is one of the few engines we have where the renderer is a plugin, and completely replacable, although i have no idea just how abstracted it is.

really, lighting is the most important aspect of visual fidelity. you can forgive polygonal models if they at least look like they are in a real space.

nice on the OAL though
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