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Alpha Release - 2008/05/23

A new release is available from Nightblade's Testing Page. The changelog lists what has changed, but give a brief summary:

- One of the first mutators I ever created was sticky scouting orbs for Thievery. These, like normal scouting orbs, provided remote viewing capabilities. Additionally they could be attached to guards, allowing you to watch what they were doing. The implementation was pretty crude though. Anyway, Scouting Orbs are now in Nightblade, with a variety of new abilities.
- Paralyze Bolts implemented.
- Added in the Guard Voices
- Implemented support for sketch maps at arbitrary angles.
- Started work on some Nightblade specific kismet features. In this case an actor that can be set up to be repairable,frobbable and/or pickable, which produces kismet events when these occur, as well as when it is splashed.
- A few bug fixes.
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