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1 - several methods are possible. The mutator method used by the Telic/EFR campaigns adds the surplus weapons globally AND makes them availiable at the lobby.
If you just want an extra gun to be found as a pickup inside the map, things are easier, cos you don't need the extra actors that change the lobby.
If you look into a Telic map, or others like maybe Sulfure or BehemothTournament, you will find some extra actors called 'Equip restriction' or the actor adding helmets. You don't exactly need these, unless you want the Teslagun to be availiable or have a Telic Hazardvolume (The one that 'removes the air'). Have a look into the code, it isn't too complex.
Short answer: yes, the Telic Mutator adds the Telic Weaponry, so when the Mutator runs, you don't need to do anything else.

(If you want the further EFR or Rift stuff, or even The Optionsmut, just call those mutators, they are child classes, so they will invoke the Telic Mutator automatically. Look into the Mutator thread for info how to start with a specific config.)

2 - Yes, those extra slot stims are made availiable by the Telic mutator too (and by the above-mentioned follow-ups). If it doesn't work, try 'mutate allon' to command the MutTelic to activate all options on next map start. The Telic manual has more info.

3 - If you are talking about the pix in the briefing sections of some maps, I remember it was kinda easy to have them running. Just import the texture into the myLevel, then link it via the mission description. Think it was in the 'objective' actor properties, same place where the text goes. You could even have a DummyObjective to add more pictures or text.
I remember some format oddities, like the texture appearing twice as wide as it actually is, but apart from that there were no problems with that procedure.

Any further questions, keep 'em coming.
I am curious what you come up with. And if you need fellow testers/players, I am here.

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