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 Originally Posted by WTaFa: ( link to post ) 
Could you write down your thoughts about this? Probably I've heard about tough places in official maps but I have no idea what could be done with all of them.
i would but to lazy to much and tbh it would be pointless as opinions on map changing will always be different from person to person. but will give you opinion on 1 map as its easy to do

-Remove Time limit
-Remove 2 thief lives 4v6 not 6v6
-reduce loot needed by 500/1000, you need way to much atm.
-Fix Door block bug

there, nice and quick harder to dm with less lives and easier to ghost with more time and less loot needed. i did infact make this version into a FV map, not sure if the one on the server is mine or someone elses tho, prob someone elses as the skelston on the server isnt mine someone renamed it atleast

 Originally Posted by WTaFa: ( link to post ) 
But we have official Flats and Mensh which both rather large. Am I right that loot on Apprenticev2, Breandor, DanteBeta, LordBeck maps could be balanced some how? Decreasing loot value in thief objective or changing prices of snagged loot objects on map. If this could help there is a question why map testing (before release) didn't fix this issue.
it might but then you'd have huge areas of the map that are pointless and not needed at all. with a map like flats its large as it has many routes, with apprentice you have a set route you must follow. guarding that is rather easy as you know most the time thieves will have to come past you. its not just about loot, its the flow of the map also. Mensh was a map i never really got to play much. its prob not too bad to play, but having the body makes it just a campers map. never aproved of body carrying. then again i dont really aprove of specifc objective items in some maps either. beta testing doesnt always help, as i said in above post, opinions vary and it comes down to what the mapper deicdes.

 Originally Posted by WTaFa: ( link to post ) 
But on big maps guards still have their usual options:
1) patiently camp
2) spawn rape
3) patroll and check the loot, ai, doors, objectives.
any of these options can produce in result good chasing.
You say "not enough guards". Do you mean not enough players? Cos if there are enough players on server we would have not just many guards but many thieves also. Both teams would have fun with each other.
Usually when there are many players on server we play Flats, Mensh, Breandor - already well learned maps.
ah watafa, i think you have to play them more in big groups to understand it, im not saying its to hard for guards. it works both ways, it will become either too hard for guards, or too hard for thieves depending on how the game goes. if anything it tends to become to hard for thieves. really a map should be made so 1 thief can win alone. and when your playing against extra human guards then the chances of running into human guards happens much more, so you use equipment much faster. Big maps also tend to end up lasting extra time, meaning theres more people in spec, who get bored and leave. also alot of the time when theres 1 thief left taking his time as shug said, the guards just start messing about and loose interest in the game. big maps just dont tend to work as well. Flats isnt that big, it appears it but has chief said the loot placement has been made well to guard and the amount of routes to different areas is exerlent for thieves. flats can be played from 1v2 to a 4v4 and still work very well, altho the exit is a bit tricky when guards defend it with 4.

 Originally Posted by WTaFa: ( link to post ) 
"danger" in multiplayer=human guards? In other words nobody from us want to learn these maps in single player?
mainly yes. alot of people learn multiplayer games by playing online. you learn faster and can ask for help or advice if needed. with most games thats perfectly fine. with thievery tho knowing the map is a key role for either team. so maps like gerome/skelston are voted by newer players as they can see most of the map in 1 go. just easier to take in.

 Originally Posted by WTaFa: ( link to post ) 
If you lazy you can check this video about it
could be interesting, cannot really judge a map untill you have played it many times with groups of players tho.

 Originally Posted by WTaFa: ( link to post ) 
wouldnt follow that, theres many maps on that, that are completly unplayable in multiplayer. Scripts is just a box with new items for testing/displaying. SwordArena is on there.. not even a thief map, its made for duels, zidabobe isnt even a tvg map. geromenew2 might even be the offical gerome now. chatspace.. not really a tvg map and even country abode has 8 votes..
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