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 Originally Posted by Keggie: ( link to post ) 
i would but to lazy to much and tbh it would be pointless as opinions on map changing will always be different from person to person. but will give you opinion on 1 map as its easy to do
Ok, I'll arrange you to comment design of official maps later.
 Originally Posted by Keggie: ( link to post ) 
...with apprentice you have a set route you must follow...
I thought that this map has a lot alternative routes between loot areas for thieves and guards.
 Originally Posted by Keggie: ( link to post ) 
...really a map should be made so 1 thief can win alone...
Do you mean singleplayer or multiplayer?
 Originally Posted by Keggie: ( link to post ) 
...and when your playing against extra human guards then the chances of running into human guards happens much more, so you use equipment much faster...
and this is right on big map too?
 Originally Posted by Keggie: ( link to post ) 
...Big maps also tend to end up lasting extra time, meaning theres more people in spec, who get bored and leave. also alot of the time when theres 1 thief left taking his time as shug said, the guards just start messing about and loose interest in the game...
If last alive thief is pro who know this map well, guards and rats would be enough patient no matter what. If it would newbie people will call just vote for next map.

Yeah chasing thieves from the rooftops on Flats is cool, but large maps have such pincushion areas too. Or maybe it's really a problem that guard can't kill thieves in close combat soo often?
 Originally Posted by Keggie: ( link to post ) 
...mainly yes. alot of people learn multiplayer games by playing online. you learn faster and can ask for help or advice if needed. with most games thats perfectly fine. with thievery tho knowing the map is a key role for either team. so maps like gerome/skelston are voted by newer players as they can see most of the map in 1 go. just easier to take in.
If that is newbie from Thief1/2/3 playerbase it is not harder for him to complete large map I think. BTW is that not typical for casual thievery players to practice in single player time from time? In 2003 there wasn't problem to learn new map - everybody were Thief funboys. Why and when this issue were changed?
 Originally Posted by Keggie: ( link to post ) 
LakeShorePub to be a good map is because theres 3 key areas, 1 guard takes each. gerome has 3 key areas, nostaliga has 3 key areas, theatre has 3 key areas,
flats has.. around 4 key areas, grange has 4 key areas...
Apprentice has 2 key areas, and loads of extras iirc, but the point is, there isnt enough guards to watch all the areas, so it normaly comes down to waiting for a long time doing nothing for a guard = no fun.
So Apprentice has not so much key loot areas and guards could have fun roaming nearby extras for some patrolling. Not bad?
 Originally Posted by LaughingRat:
Apprentice wasn't played enough often and guards didn't developed workable strategy for it. Case closed?
 Originally Posted by Keggie: ( link to post ) 
...wouldnt follow that, theres many maps on that, that are completly unplayable in multiplayer...
And? It was multiple choice poll so playable maps still got some votes.
 Originally Posted by Keggie: ( link to post ) 
...even country abode has 8 votes..
That's right, Keggie, cos everyone wonna rush it or thief match it. I'm interesting in your opinion about that pool. Some additional thoughts?
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