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 Originally Posted by WTaFa: ( link to post ) 
I thought that this map has a lot alternative routes between loot areas for thieves and guards.
i think the only way you will understand wtafa is if you actualy play with a group of people who know the map well enough to thief it. some maps work out, others do not. Big maps and thievery just dont seem to work. the only way of knowing this is by playing with that amount. big maps tend to just end up been dull games.

 Originally Posted by WTaFa: ( link to post ) 
Do you mean singleplayer or multiplayer?
Both. if a lone thief cannot win theres no point him playing really.

 Originally Posted by WTaFa: ( link to post ) 
and this is right on big map too?
happens on all maps. on large maps thieves have to cover x3 the distance, and normaly loot more stuff, so the moment you run into a guard, you cannot really use equipment and benifit from looting. in smaller maps the idea is to disable/distract a guard and loot the area, large maps mean more loot so you have to do this more often, and you dont have enough equipment. its possible of course, but it will come down to sheer blind luck rather then tactical thinking.

 Originally Posted by WTaFa: ( link to post ) 
If last alive thief is pro who know this map well, guards and rats would be enough patient no matter what. If it would newbie people will call just vote for next map.
no, you donot start a vote when a game is still going, simply bad mannors. they came to play the same as you did, just because you died and are out and cannot play is no reason to start a vote. anyway iv known many better then average players who would sit and wait for there chance, jsut as boring for guards and spec's regardless.

 Originally Posted by WTaFa: ( link to post ) 
Yeah chasing thieves from the rooftops on Flats is cool, but large maps have such pincushion areas too. Or maybe it's really a problem that guard can't kill thieves in close combat soo often?
its more of a case guards dont see any action for longer periods of time. in theory the thief player calls all the shots, the guard players have to react to those shots, you can go for 5 mins in a map like brendor and not even hear a thief or find any loot missing. and when you do, you alert your team, and have 5 guards in 1 loction looking for a thief who doesnt have many places to run too, as it might be a large map, but the areas are small and pokie, and a thief on the run is much easier to find.

 Originally Posted by WTaFa: ( link to post ) 
If that is newbie from Thief1/2/3 playerbase it is not harder for him to complete large map I think. BTW is that not typical for casual thievery players to practice in single player time from time? In 2003 there wasn't problem to learn new map - everybody were Thief funboys. Why and when this issue were changed?
not everybody, and you really shouldnt base your thoughts on the odd poll, i bet at least 70% of the entire thievery playerbase has never been on this forum. a good 30% of that 70% prob joined, made a few posts and left. many multiplayer games only play multiplayer games and donot vist game websites. theres no need, they have their game and they play their game. i'll grant you the fact thief players will prob tend to learn the maps in single player first, i was a thief 1/2 player and i joined thievery 1.4, but i never joined online untill 1.51, but not everyone plays games like that, certainly not now. how many TF2 players do you think learnt in Single player?? none, as there is no single player (well there is now altho theres no point touching it )

 Originally Posted by WTaFa: ( link to post ) 
So Apprentice has not so much key loot areas and guards could have fun roaming nearby extras for some patrolling. Not bad?

Apprentice wasn't played enough often and guards didn't developed workable strategy for it. Case closed?
as i said in first post, you have to play the map in a group of players who know what there doing to understand, whatever i say you just wouldnt understand unless you have played like it. big maps dont work in thievery. the only big maps that work, are maps that do not feel big, flats isnt that big when you can get from 1 side to the other guard free in 20 seconds same as DE. and no, its normaly map wasnt played enough often and Thieves didnt work out the best strategy for it, case closed. in theory the thieves work out the best map strategy, then the guards can work out how to prevent it. untill the thieves work out that strategy they tend to die lots faster.

 Originally Posted by WTaFa: ( link to post ) 
And? It was multiple choice poll so playable maps still got some votes.
yeah they also got random votes where people only knew 1/2 maps and voted that map only. if you want a proper poll you need a set of people who know EVERY map on the poll well and can give there opinion. it was also for maps to be added to a mappack, not whats your opinion on the better custom maps which is what we were discussing.

 Originally Posted by WTaFa: ( link to post ) 
That's right, Keggie, cos everyone wonna rush it or thief match it. I'm interesting in your opinion about that pool. Some additional thoughts?
my additional thoughts would be calling people names for voteing pointless crap ;p thievery's playerbase i found allways has had a few odd players. the way they play/vote and act is somewhat silly at times. i mean.. occam.. the map was made as a piss take.. and thievery players loved it country abode was ruined when the 10 sec invis spawn timer was added, noones fault, just turned out that way, and players love a nice easy fast pointless game for some reason.. its not even that much fun in thiefmatch, its a nice map in a 1v1 if you donot rush, but everyone allways rushes it, the ideas to win and play dirty, you are a thief after all.
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