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 Originally Posted by [E.D.G]Chief: ( link to post ) 
The developers say you can play it without killing anything, I reckon that's one tough challenge - I went my usual thief game play style of: Kill! Kill! Kill!
not too difficult tbh, altho getting the clean hands (no kills) achivment is dam difficult as some actions you take can cause people to die that effect that, even tho your no where near them, first playthough i didnt kill anyone, didnt upgrade any abilities and tried to use blink as little as possible, it made it much more thiefy and i really enjoyed it, got the achivment for no alerts but not the clean hands ;( had no kills in any mission stats but still.. oh well...

game is rather too easy if you use the magic abilities, i redid the game in high chaos after and you just slaugher everyone with no challenge... blink makes it far to easy to backstab, blink behind them and stab... even if your right in front and they can see you.. too easy

would recomend the game either way tho for anyone whos likes thief, it is fun to stealth it and not too difficult, skidding out of cover with crossbow is good fun also tho story line isnt bad i guess but somewhat predictable too, still liked it tho
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