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Project 'RIFT'

While doing some mapping concept tests with the BarrensArchitecture sets there was this weird little idea floating around in my head recently...

A) The concept of a completely non-linear campaign. The lobby map is star shaped around your dropzone or the first map, allowing for playing the maps in any order, finally unlocking a boss map once all maps have been played.

B) The idea of truly not-human-made looking environments, or at least a map style that completely differs from the usual swarm maps.

C) Combination of A and B through a stargate-like story arc. Either deep space archaeologists discover some ancient facility, some experiment goes wrong, a new kind of teleporter was developed, blah blah, go pick your cliché. SynTek and Telic butt in to get the thingy into their greedy claws, maybe they send scout teams through the portal, one side releases xenomorph specimen during the fight, calamities and bloodshed everywhere, aliens accidentally run into the gate and are spread out across half the galaxy. The brave marines now need to follow them to other planets, check out the situation, bring back the lost scout teams and attempt to contain the mess if at all possible.

D) The non-linearity would allow for this to be used as a basis for a kind of community mapping project/contest. People's maps would only need to follow a set number of simple rules, like beginning and ending in the same room (the 'gate'), alien planet /facility like appearance, shortness (say, ~5-8MB, god-rush possible in under 2 minutes), simple objectives (find and fetch something, kill all aliens/eggs, rescue someone, find out where you are, blow the entire place sky high with a nuke, defend the gate for x minutes...) and a fulfillment of a certain minimum of polish and playability.

Your opinions please.
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