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 Originally Posted by Donator: ( link to post ) 
While doing some mapping concept tests with the BarrensArchitecture sets there was this weird little idea floating around in my head recently...

C) Combination of A and B through a stargate-like story arc. Either deep space archaeologists discover some ancient facility, some experiment goes wrong, a new kind of teleporter was developed, blah blah, go pick your cliché.
ROFL I know a map, that currently is in internal alpha and I helped a bit to create, that has stargate with RANDOM teleporters. So each time you play one of them gets activated and guess what happens... So far there are two different endings, to keep things as simple as possible. The story (some part of it is still written) is exactly that there are stargates and another squad got lost somewhere and you have to save them, but they all died etc...
Actually having a map with different endings, (you don't have an option like in Ort-5, luck decides for you) is easy to create and adds to the playability, although somehow it has to be explained from the story.
 Originally Posted by Donator: ( link to post ) 

D) The non-linearity would allow for this to be used as a basis for a kind of community mapping project/contest. People's maps would only need to follow a set number of simple rules, like beginning and ending in the same room (the 'gate'), alien planet /facility like appearance, shortness (say, ~5-8MB, god-rush possible in under 2 minutes), simple objectives (find and fetch something, kill all aliens/eggs, rescue someone, find out where you are, blow the entire place sky high with a nuke, defend the gate for x minutes...) and a fulfillment of a certain minimum of polish and playability.
The other days I created an AOL-xxx map and a lobby for a custom campaign and I added maps like Meltdown, Retreat, BugPlanet, Dansel etc. So after all the work was done, and it was VERY tough to make it look nice, I played it and I was like: so now I have to write descriptions to explain why these maps are together or why on earth nobody adds a debrief to his maps etc
Anyway having a "standard" of textures and meshes etc looks promising and you don't need the same person, or even a small team to map, anybody can add to the Custom Camp as long as the map is linked the others.
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