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I will sure be in, if I may, and if there is story ideas that kick me.

I thought about a 'map of the week' contest once, too.

Though I must admit I have a problem with finishing things.

So maybe it is especially nice if the projected maps are small and simple. The first rush could carry it over the line then.

About the teleporter thing: it would need a nice 'explanation'. I felt a little bad when I used the teleporters in my (unfinished) map, 'cos they just seem too high-tech for me, to fit into AS.

Game-wise, teleporters can do mighty things: I read that it is even possible to teleport betweem maps, in principle. You can do impossible map layouts with them, and maybe there is a way to make the players teleport without them even noticing.

I really like the idea of non-linearity. Inside the map there is something that can be done with the telic random actors I guess, I didn't really explore that up to now.

And some non-linearity at the lobby would be nice, too. Could there be a way to re-play a map that is already beaten?
Or maybe an effect even better can be done with another, but very similar map that just has changed a bit 'in the meantime' but appears to be the same place.

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