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Were the vents from cells to library truely removed? What was the reasoning behind that?

I ask because my PC died so I can't check myself. But I'm interested in why those vents were removed because they were a significant contribution to the map, which imo it needed. Simply widening the 'A' & 'B' doors doesn't greatly change guarding strategy on this map and thief strategy for that matter.
If you think that those vents unbalanced the map towards thieves you need to learn to adapt to change, if anything the number of thief lives should be reduced to make it harder to DM. The match between M and MbR shows both that the library vents can be easily guarded and thieves can still easily DM it.

The changes/fixes proposed by FRH are also definately needed. That 'map' bug is just silly and people (such as myself ) can't be counted on not to exploit it.

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