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All matches will be taking place on the Crackaz Thievery Guild's server.

You can reach that server at this IP:
The server password is: todmatch

CTG will also be providing a channel on their Teamspeak server for all the participating teams. You can join the TS server at with the pass todmatch.
Remember you can only use voice during the matches if both teams agree to it beforehand.

You can keep in contact with myself and other participants of the Tournament of Darkness in our own IRC channel. It can be found on the Starchat network at #ToD
This will be the easiest way to get ahold of me should a problem occur.

Other than that, be sure you have read the match rules at the beginning of this thread. Things are are going to be run slightly different than last time around, so be sure you know what's going to be going on!

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