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TBF thieving vs Shanka guarding, Round 2, Darkened Enlightenment.

The beginning goes well for TBF, with Fridae and Athelstone skillfully infiltrating the major loot locations, and getting out alive, while Salsa fruitlessly tries to bow-DM with an unexpectedly fluxing ping of 100-300, and then once making a charge, neglecting to buy crack arrows.

Eventually, all three gain a decent amount of loot, making 900, with some lives to spare, but Shanka is quick to guard and trap the exit. After KOing Shug a few times for kicks, a simultanious rush is made, resulting in Athelstone's death. Salsa salvages (???) most of the loot and the book, and gets back into the water, but some is missing.

Upon the simple recollection of unguarded loot, the team meets up again, and Salsa expresses the idea to hold a secret cult meeting around the corner. At first his teammates did not understand, so he repeated his intention to perform a bloody ritual of mass-suicide (that the spectators apparently predicted happening 15 minutes before Salsa thought of it). Fridae didn't really get it, but joined in anyway, so she and Salsa slit their own throats while Athelstone looked at them like they were idiots.

Athel picks up all the loot and hijacks a tank, breaking through Shanka's solid phalanx formation. It was an amazing (if hollow) victory, and too bad for TBF that Shanka found the secret Rocket Launcher in round 3.
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